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A reputation that has already been acquired since 1920

Vine nurseries

Located in Lezan, our vine nurseries provide certified equipment and seedlings to winegrowers. 

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Products and services that meet the needs of professionals

PÉPINIÈRES VITICOLES BOURGUET ensures the production of certified vine growing materials since 1920. We have everything needed to help you take care of your vineyard properly. We grow a wide variety of vine seedlings and supply high-quality rootstocks, grafts, graft cuttings, etc. We can also handle the mechanical planting of your vine seedlings. Supported by a dynamic and motivated team, we can meet the demands of the local national and international markets. 

Production of certified wine-growing materials for four generations!

Vine nurseries Lezan
Vine nurseries Lezan

About us 

All our products are included in the ENTAV selections (Etablissement National des Techniques Agronomiques) and are subject to rigorous control by France AGRIMER (Office Interprofessionnel des Vins).

Our objectives are simple: to satisfy a varied demand, provide healthy and high-quality products to winegrowers and offer personalised advice.

We operate actively in the Gard in Languedoc-Roussillon, however, our customer network extends throughout France and around the world. 

A reliable company recognized by various regulatory bodies


Our strengths:

  • Family know-how
  • Responsiveness
  • Large diversity of products
  • Quality and reliability

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